May- “Food For the Spirit” by Minister Server of Hiphop Ministries

May 4, 2009


Peace and much love!

The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you, word!

The spiritual gift for the month of MAY is POWER!

In ancient wisdom it is written, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Your spiritual gift of POWER gives you the ability to “renew your mind” by transforming divine energy from one level of consciousness to another. When POWER is accepted in your consciousness, God rearranges your world according to your new realization. Divine energy can become anything you believe in and put your POWER into. Knowing this, you should always be aware of how you’re thinking and what you’re saying!

POWER also gives you the ability to make wise choices between good health or sickness; love or hate; awareness or ignorance; and prosperity or poverty. As with all your spiritual gifts, you must remember the importance of balance between your thoughts and the feelings. Some people have been programmed with misinformation, ideas and emotions for so long, that they forget they have the POWER to change their thoughts, words and actions anytime they are ready according to their own consciousness!

Within you are various stages of POWER in action: Silence is your pure POWER; thought is your formed POWER; and your word becomes your expressed POWER. In the pure POWER of silence, there is no vibration. It is God as absolute POWER waiting to be recognized by you. When a thought enters your mind, it registers in your consciousness formed as a vibration of POWER. Your word has the POWER to bring into manifestation anything you speak with the spiritual authority that God has given you!

In science, it is a recognized fact that lowering your thought waves elevates your spiritual and creative awareness. Anger, hate and fear are very high vibrations. Peace, love and faith have lower vibrations. The lower the vibration, the more POWER you have in your thoughts. This is why meditation and prayer are so closely aligned, both allow you to lower your vibration and reconnect to the God within you!

The next time you feel angry, frustrated, upset, etc., before you react, stop for a moment, get still, take some deep breaths and exercise your spiritual gift of POWER to transform that feeling into what you desire it to be. Remember, you have the POWER to decide how you’re going to respond to any situation. After a few moments, you will be amazed how you begin to feel better about whatever is happening at that particular moment. It is True, let It Be and there It is, Word!

Minister Server – The Hiphop Life Coach
Temple Of Hiphop,
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc.


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